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Windows 11 Pro provides a serene and creative environment where you can explore new experiences aligned with your passions. From a revamped Start menu to innovative ways of connecting with your favorite people, messages, games, and content, Windows 11 Pro offers a natural space for thinking, creating, and self-expression.

If you are interested in purchasing a Windows 11 Professional License, offers top-notch conditions, ensuring lightning-fast delivery of license keys via email.


Effortlessly access all your necessary apps and multitask efficiently with tools like snapshot layouts, desktops, and a redesigned, intuitive redo dock interface.


Connect with your loved ones directly from your desktop using Microsoft Teams. Enjoy free calling and chatting, regardless of the device you are using.


Stay up to date with news, information, and conversations by quickly accessing Microsoft Edge and a wide selection of widgets. Easily find your desired apps and shows in the new Microsoft Store.


Windows 11 Pro takes gaming to new heights with graphics that rival reality. Discover your next favorite game with Xbox Game Pass, granting you access to over 100 amazing games (membership sold separately).


Windows 11 Pro is available across a wide range of devices from our partners, providing you with the latest innovations in touch, pen, and voice technology. Find the best and most affordable device that suits your needs.


In File Explorer, the icons are now smaller and more visually appealing. A mute button allows you to centrally mute the microphone for all applications. This feature comes in handy during video conferences when multiple apps are open. Additionally, if you work with external monitors on your laptop or have two monitors connected to your desktop computer, apps will reopen exactly where you left off after shutdown or quitting. This is a significant improvement over Windows 10.


With Windows 11 Pro, you can seamlessly switch between your phone and desktop, allowing you to install apps that you are familiar with from Android devices onto your Windows machine. This convenience is particularly helpful as some apps are exclusive to Android and not available on Windows. However, it is important to note that this feature is not applicable to iPhone users or those in the Apple ecosystem, as Apple restricts its apps within its app store.

Important Note:

Windows 10 and Windows 11 Pro will continue to coexist. Windows 10 will be supported until October 2025, partly due to the increased hardware requirements of Windows 11 Pro. If your system is not ready for Windows 11 Pro, you still have a few years to consider an upgrade. Even if you prefer the appearance of Windows 10, you can stick with it.


By purchasing a Windows 11 Professional license, you can enjoy the following new features:

The modern, fresh, clean, and beautiful design and sounds provide a sense of calm and ease.
Start prioritizes you and your content by leveraging the power of the cloud and Microsoft 365 to display your most recent files, regardless of the device you used to view them.
Snap layouts, Snap groups, and desktops offer a more powerful multitasking experience and help optimize your screen space.
Integrated into the taskbar, Microsoft Teams chat provides a quicker way to connect with the people who matter to you.
Widgets, a personalized feed driven by artificial intelligence, allow faster access to the information you care about. Microsoft Edge offers world-class performance, speed, and productivity features, enhancing your web browsing experience.
Windows 11 offers the best gaming experience, fully utilizing your system’s hardware with technologies like DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage, and Auto HDR. Xbox Game Pass for PC or Ultimate grants you access to over 100 high-quality PC games to play on Windows 11 for a low monthly fee (Xbox Game Pass sold separately).
Windows 11 includes a redesigned Microsoft Store, making it easier to find and discover your favorite apps, games, shows, and movies in one familiar location. In the coming months, we are excited to collaborate with Amazon and Intel to bring Android apps to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store through a preview for Windows Insiders.
Windows 11 is the most inclusive version, featuring new accessibility enhancements designed by and for people with disabilities.
Windows 11 opens up new opportunities for developers and creators. We are expanding the Store to allow more developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to bring their apps to the Store. Furthermore, we are improving native and web app development with new developer tools, making it easier for you to update the look and feel of all our app designs and experiences.
Optimized for speed, efficiency, and improved experiences, Windows 11 offers enhanced touch, digital pen, and voice input functionalities.
Windows 11 is the ideal operating system for hybrid working, delivering new experiences tailored to your work style. It offers enhanced security and familiarity for easy deployment and management by IT professionals. Organizations can preview Windows 11 today in Azure Virtual Desktop or experience it in the new Windows 365 when it becomes generally available.


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