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Windows 10 Pro offers a familiar user experience with notable enhancements, making it the ideal choice for both personal and professional use. With all the features of Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional provides additional business-oriented functionalities such as encryption, remote log-on, and virtual machine creation. Seamlessly transitioning between Windows devices, it delivers a personalized computing experience that caters to your needs at work and home.

As the latest version of Microsoft’s popular operating system, Windows 10 boasts impressive speed and an updated built-in security system to safeguard your system from malicious software.


Multi-doing: Experience a new level of multitasking on your PC. Windows 10 allows you to view and work with up to four different applications simultaneously, as well as create multiple virtual desktops for better organization.

Microsoft Edge: Say goodbye to Internet Explorer and welcome Microsoft Edge, a significantly enhanced web browser. With features like in-browser note-taking and easy sharing, Edge adapts to your workflow. It also introduces a distraction-free reading view for a seamless reading experience.

Cortana: Meet Cortana, your personal digital assistant. Whether you’re using your Windows 10 Pro device at home or on the go, Cortana is there to assist you. Over time, Cortana learns more about you, providing reminders and helping you stay productive. It can search for files, programs, and specific information, making your tasks easier and more efficient.

Unified Core: Windows 10 Pro represents the culmination of Windows platform convergence, with a single unified core running across all devices. This convergence allows apps to be universal, providing a consistent look and performance across smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even Xbox One.

Continuum Feature: Switch seamlessly between laptop and tablet modes on convertible devices with the Continuum feature. Whether you prefer touchscreen or traditional input methods, Windows 10 Pro adapts the operating system layout to enhance your user experience.

Support for Holographic Computing: Windows 10 Pro is the first operating system to support holographic computing. Paired with the HoloLens device, it opens up exciting possibilities for augmented reality, enabling high-definition holograms to integrate seamlessly with your physical environment.

Windows Ink: Capture your ideas quickly with Windows Ink. Accessible wherever you are, Windows Ink Workspace allows you to jot down notes or sketches effortlessly with a digital pen or directly from the taskbar.

Office Integration: Windows 10 Pro enhances multitasking with seamless integration with Office. Effortlessly manage multiple Office apps and documents on one screen, and easily arrange and resize them according to your preference.

Gaming: Experience gaming at its best on Windows 10 Pro. Play Xbox games in native 4K resolution on your PC, stream gameplay, and share your gaming moments with the built-in Game Bar. Windows 10’s Game Mode optimizes system resources for an immersive gaming experience.


Azure Active Directory: Connect to business or school domains, access network files, servers, printers, and more through Azure Active Directory.

Enhanced Security: Protect your files with advanced security features such as BitLocker encryption, which keeps your data secure. BitLocker to Go extends this protection to removable storage devices, ensuring the safety of your information even if your device is lost or stolen.

Threat Protection: Windows 10 Pro includes Windows Defender Antivirus, which utilizes cloud-based protection, machine learning, and behavior analysis to defend against emerging threats. Automatic updates ensure ongoing protection against current and future threats.

Anywhere, Anytime Access: Windows 10 Pro allows you to work efficiently from anywhere at any time. Utilize Remote Log-In to access your laptop or desktop remotely, and leverage Hyper-V to create virtual machines for running multiple operating systems simultaneously. Office files are automatically stored in the cloud, enabling real-time collaboration and seamless sharing.

Get your Windows 10 Pro key today and unlock the full potential of this feature-rich operating system!

How To Install

1. Download Windows Media Creation tool directly from Microsoft

2. Run the Media Creation Tool

– Create installation media for another PC or upgrade your current Windows machine
– Select preferred language
– Select Edition: Windows 10 (it includes both, Pro and Home)
– Select architecture (64-bit or 32-bit)
– Select the media you want to create (USB flash drive or ISO file to create a DVD)

3. Perform a clean installation

– Boot from the USB flash drive or the DVD you have created
– Select your language, time, and keyboard preferences
– Enter product key provided by us
– Installation type: Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)
– Remove all partitions and create a new one to install Windows

System Requirements

1 Ghz

1 Gb


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